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Barbarian by Melbourne House

Can you become Hegor the famous dragon-slaying monster-mangling Barbarian?

Are you the warrior who can enter the fearful realms of the underground world of Durgan, a world terrorized by the evil Necron?

Can you handle the adventure, the frenzied attacks, the hidden traps, the gruesome death dealing monsters...

Your quest; to destroy the lair of the accursed Necron. Your prize; the kingdoms crown.

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Original Instructions

Note: Many of these instructions have been OCRed and may not have been proofread, as a result spelling errors, broken English and grammar are likely.

In this world you control our hero "Hegor". Once the game has started you will see him standing in the marsh. Using the joystick or keyboard (or both simultaneously) you issue commands that control his actions. Thus enabling you to explore the world of Durgan.

You should always remember that Barbarian features context sensitive animation which allows the same commands to do different things depending on the situation Hegor is involved in.

In order to complete the game you must locate and destroy the crystal which is the source of the evil power of Necron. Once the crystal has been destroyed the volcano in which Durgan is located will start to erupt making it imperative that you reach the surface again before it blows.

The time that it took you to destroy the crystal is not only your score for the game but it is also the time which you have to get back to the starting point in the marsh. This 'about to erupt' phase of game play is indicated by your score timer now counting backwards.

The game may be controlled from the keyboard or by a joystick in any combination. Whilst you are playing Barbarian you will see a strip of icons at the bottom of the screen. To choose the Icon you wish to use, move the joystick UP and DOWN. or use the O and P keys. The Icon you wish to use will be highlighted. To flip between the two Icon bars press FIRE. To choose a highlighted Icon press FIRE



Q = Move Man Left
W = Move Man Right
O = Move Icon Left
P = Move Icon Right
M = Select Icon
Space = Flip Icon Bar

Or use Joystick plus:

Fire = Select Icon Space = Flip Icon

Cheat Mode(s)

This poke will give you allow you to choose how many hits it will take to kill your opponent. However, Drax will not be fooled:

10 OPENOUT "!"
40 GOSUB 250
50 MODE 1
60 PRINT "Input number of wounds your opponent can take (1-12) ?"
70 INPUT w
80 CLS
90 IF w<1 OR w>12 THEN 60
100 POKE &1014,w
110 PRINT "Press 1,2 or 3"
120 RESTORE:FOR n=1 to 3:READ a$:NEXT
150 a$=""
160 WHILE a$="":a$=INKEY$:WEND
170 IF a$<"1" OR a$>"3" THEN 160
180 a=VAL(a$)
190 RESTORE 200
200 DATA &46,&6d,&6d,&6c,&70,&6c
210 FOR n=1 TO a:READ 1,h:NEXT
220 POKE &1016,1:POKE &1017,h
230 CALL &1000
240 REM ** POKE DATA **
250 RESTORE 300
260 FOR n=&1000 TO &1018
270 READ a$:POKE n,VAL("&"+a$)
280 NEXT
300 DATA 21,40,00,11,64,00
310 DATA 3E,31,CD,A1,BC,3E
320 DATA C9,32,A3,00,CD,40
330 DATA 00,3E,01,32,6D,6C
340 DATA E9

Poke by GBH for Amstrad Action. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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