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Jack The Nipper
Jack The Nipper Jack The Nipper Jack The Nipper Jack The Nipper Jack The Nipper Jack The Nipper Jack The Nipper Jack The Nipper Jack The Nipper
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Jack The Nipper

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Jack The Nipper by Gremlin Graphics

He's wicked. He's evil. Can he ever be stopped? Jack the Nipper plays the tricks and creates the havoc we all would have liked to have enjoyed. So why wait any longer.

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Original Instructions

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Cheat Mode(s)

1) Your target is the temple of naughtiness. When you get there you will find that it is sealed off by a stone wall and you can only enter if you have accumulated enough points on the naughtyometer.
2) Spreading the grease on Tarzan's vine makes him slip off and gives you naughtyometer points.
3) Throwing coconuts at the bee hive makes them rush out, don't stand in the door way though or you'll loose a life.
4) The mouse scares the elephant that is resting against a tree, near the natives hut.
5) The onion should be taken to hyenas and dropped on the floor to make them burst into tears.
6) Coconuts should be thrown at any target. This will not affect the naughtyometer but it will score you more points.
7) The shield protects you from any danger, but it wears off after 20 seconds so be careful.
8) Go sparingly with the coconuts if you're aiming for ultimate naughtiness, as you may use essential ones and run into difficulties.
9) When swinging over water on the vines, try not to go too far down the rope as you will hit the gorillas and loose a life.
10) The dummies give you more lives so try and find them.

Tips by Matthew Spires for Amstrad Action. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

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