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Fantastic Voyage : The
Fantastic Voyage : The Fantastic Voyage : The Fantastic Voyage : The Fantastic Voyage : The Fantastic Voyage : The Fantastic Voyage : The Fantastic Voyage : The Fantastic Voyage : The Fantastic Voyage : The
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Fantastic Voyage : The by Amsoft

Only one scientist in the world knows the secret of miniaturising a living human and prolonging that state for more than 60 minutes. So important is this knowledge that he is rushed by Secret Service men to the top-secret Pentagon-like subterranean H.Q of The Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces. En route, enemy saboteurs stage a car crash in which the Scientist suffers a critical brain injury which can only be successfully treated by operating from inside his head. There follows a suspense-filled race against time.

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Original Instructions

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Press CTRL and SMALL ENTER then press any key to continue


You are selected to undergo miniaturisation and enter the Scientist's body, but you only have 60 minutes. You are placed inside his body in a specially designed submarine which is injected into the Scientist's bloodstream, but the process is too rushed for the submarine to withstand the miniaturisation! Eventually you find yourself in the Scientist's mouth, with parts of the submarine scattered throughout his anatomy. Now your only hope is to discover the eight pieces of submarine scattered around the body and assemble them in the brain. Only then will you ever emerge once more into the outside world. You must also ensure that the Scientist does not die whilst you are inside his body or you will also die.


"Fantastic Voyage" was a $6.5 million Cinema Scope production by 20th Century Fox, and this computer game is the officially licensed game of the film.


Through the miracle of Dr. Ernest Hacker's Reducto Ray you now find yourself inside a human body. You can only escape by reassembling your submarine which, due to premature enlargement, has broken in eight pieces which are now scattered around the body. It is essential that the 'host' body does not die, or you will die too. You must collect each component piece of the submarine which is assembled by dropping each piece onto a ledge within the brain. When the submarine is fully assembled it will shrink, thus enabling you to escape from the body. (We're keeping the escape route secret!).

If you think that's a fairly simple task, there are several obstacles to hinder you.

Infections are perhaps the most critical problem you will have to contend with as the cause the body temperature to rise and that will eventually kill the 'host' body. Infections occur from time to time in various parts of the body (but only one at a time) and must be dealt with swiftly. The location of the infection will be displayed on the screen as soon as it breaks out, and its approximate position in relation to the rest of the body will be indicated by a flashing red square on the body diagram on the right side of the screen. You must find the infection and destroy it using your laser.

Growths are present in many organs of the body (e.g. liver, gall bladder, pancreas and intestines) which will block your path. These can only be removed by collecting a white blood cell (which you may be lucky enough to find on the way) and carrying it to the blocked organ. If you then drop the white blood cell near the growth it will collide with it and remove it.

Your Energy is vital to your survival and is sapped by swimming, standing and particularly by firing your laser. If your energy falls to low you will become invisible which will make your task far more difficult. Before becoming invisible you will turn red for a short spell. Your energy can be replenished by collecting red blood cells. The lungs are particularly rich in red blood cells which can be used to top up your energy before embarking on a long journey. However they never appear whilst you are waiting in a particular location. You must enter the location to find them already there.

Cholesterol has collected at some locations within the host body and appears as a collection of yellow dots. It can be lasered if you approach from left or right, but not from above or below. The cholesterol block will re-form once you have left that location.

Viruses break out after the first part of your submarine has been assembled. They are green and can be destroyed by your laser, but contact with a virus is fatal.

There are a few other hazards which we will leave you to discover for yourself.

Should you successfully escape from the body you must land in the centre of the table which will then appear on the screen, and manoeuvre the submarine so that it faces left. The submarine will then enlarge to full size and will have successfully completed the game with a 100% score. Good luck!

Game Controls

Left = B
Right = N
Fire = L
Swim = P
Pick/Drop = SPACE
Pause game - Press 1.
Music on and off - Press 2.
Abort game - Press 3 after Pausing game.

Cheat Mode(s)

The following Poke has as a result the prevention of decrement of lives. It actually gives you infinite lives. Of course i can't remember if i had found it myself or someone else had told me about it.

Load "FantaVoy.bas"

The last few lines should look as follows:

590 LOAD "voyage0"
600 CALL &166E

>> Add this line between the two "CALL"'s: 605 POKE &7E1C,0
610 CALL &7800


Hint: when you assemble all the pieces, before you finish the game, save a snapshot of it and try to exit via the mouth to see what crazy things happen.. - submitted by Wanderer

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