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Batman has once again gotten himself in a bit of a bother, villains have vandalised the Batmobile which of course makes Batman crippled, your job is to get these parts back by solving various puzzles in this action packed 3D adventure game.

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Original Instructions

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Help Batman to collect all of his missing equipment so that he can go out and protect the streets of Gotham.


These 4 items must be collected before Batman can begin his task. They are indicated at the bottom right of the playing screen and will automatically be highlighted when collected.

BATBOOTS - These will allow Batman to jump.
BATBAG - This enables Batman to pick up and carry items around a location - Press Carry again to drop them. (Note: items may not be moved from the location they start in).
BAT-THRUSTER - This lets Batman have horizontal control when falling, but has no effect on the speed of his descent.
BATBELT - This is a low gravity device which halves the speed ofdescent.


Batman is able to collect extra powers on his journey. These powers are not everlasting but will help Batman do battle with the henchmen. There are four extra powers and a fifth neutralizing power which Batman must try and avoid:

EXTRA LIFE - This increases the number of lives.
ENERGY - Collecting one of these enables Batman to travel at greatly increased speed for a short time.
SHIELDS - These make Batman invulnerable for a short time.
JUMP - These enable Batman to jump twice the normal height.
NEUTRALIZER - These should be avoided. Collecting one of these will cancel all Batman's extra powers.


Distributed at several locations are Bat-Signals. Touch one and it will vanish - as it does, it will store the state of play (number of lives left, Batcraft parts collected etc). This allows one to restart the game at this point (see MAIN MENU - PLAY THE GAME) should you lose all your lives - this feature is nested so each time a Bat-Signal is located the state of play is stored for future use.

Cheat Mode

My guess would be that this one is for the 3D adventure game.

10 DATA 21,90,1c,36,00,c3,00,01
20 DATA 21,2d,22,36,d3,21,40,20
30 DATA 11,40,00,01,f2,01,ed,b0
40 DATA 21,40,00,e5,21,00,bb,e5
50 DATA 21,f2,01,e5,21,07,b8,e5
60 DATA 21,bb,02,e5,f1,21,ea,b1
70 DATA 11,d9,b1,f3,c9
80 MEMORY &2000
90 FOR x=be00 to &be34
100 READ a$
110 POKE x,VAL("&"+a$)
120 NEXT
130 LOAD ""
140 CALL &3a6a
150 LOAD "!",&2040
160 CALL &be08
170 END

6128 and 664 owners should change line 50,60 and 70 so that they read:

50 DATA 21,f2,01,e5,21,1f,b1,e5
60 DATA 21,bb,02,e5,f1,21,e5,b7
70 DATA 11,d4,b7,f3,c9

Poke by Phil Howard for CPC Zone. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

For the 3D adventure Batman.

At address 1C90 poke 00 for infinite lives. - submitted by Malc (CPC Zone Staff)

Batman Videos

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Loading Screen Comparison

Batman Amstrad CPC Loading Screen Amstrad CPC Version
Batman ZX Spectrum Loading Screen Spectrum Version

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"The first must have game I ever had! I was desperate to play this as a kid and spent many a happy hour trying to beat the devious layouts and puzzles with little success. It`s not as polished or clever as Head over Heels but it`s still an essential title in anyone`s books. Often forgotten classic"

Personal rating :

9 9/10

Posted by Ritchardo mkII | Report |

"I dont like isometric games very much but you must admit the cpc version looks pretty dam cool...."

Personal rating :

6 6/10

Posted by cpc4eva | Report |

"The ancestor of Head over Heels, using a great 3D isometric engine. A really nice game with beautiful mode 1 gfx and nicely laid-out rooms."

Personal rating :

7 7/10

Posted by Gryzor | Report |

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