About CPC Zone

As you probably guessed by now this website is dedicated to the memory of one of the most forgotten, ignored and massively overlooked machines of the 1980s. Sitting along side the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 the Amstrad CPC was the machine that sat slap-bang in the middle. Often delivering better quality graphics than both machines and with the added business capabilities you really do have to wonder why the machine has been forgotten by many, so easily.

This website is my attempt to put this excellent piece of classic gaming and computing hardware firmly back where it belongs, up there with the memories of the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64, instead of sitting in the dustbin with other less successful machines such as the Dragon 32 from Tandy.

The website was started way back in 2000 and was fairly small though it did offer some original content which wasn't made widely available elsewhere (covers etc) it changed design numerous times and the content began to steadily grow. Once hosted on a free network built for emulation and retrogaming, things changed in 2005 when the numerous server failures and lost data became too much for us to handle and the site was moved entirely to a brand new and paid for hosting solution. In the end this worked out quite well because Gamebase CPC was growing all the time and if you want a quality host you have to pay for it.

At CPC Zone you can expect to find lots of rare content such as cover scans, thousands of pages of game data (publisher, developer, musician and loads more), hardware photography and specifications, cover artwork for your OWN Amstrad collections, skinable items such as avatars, mobile phone logos and Windows XP/Vista icons, game reviews, cheats. Basicaly anything we can create will be right here for your downloading pleasure.

We will also keep you bang up to date with the latest news and emulator releases due to our friendship with many emulator developers,ex and current CPC coders and webmasters.

Staff members are : Malc (admin) / Zombie13 (forum admin, site updates) / Ritchardo (forum admin, site updates) / Sarah (site operator).

This site is optimised for Mozilla Firefox which we strongly recommend to all of our readers as a DIRECT replacement to the god awful Internet Explorer. CPC Zone works fine in all browsers and is perfectly readable but IE is the most quirky of them all, Microsoft have lost the plot and I personally (Malc) think that its time to stop supporting the non-standard compliant slow-loading spyware heavy crap they call a browser.

JavaScript needs to be enabled to get the most out of this website and you should be using a resolution of 1024x768 or higher for maximum viewing pleasure.

If you would like to help with the running cost of CPC Zone you may use the donation box on the right hand side of this screen, we will never ask you to pay for browsing the information on this website, if it came to that we would simply shut the whole thing down. We appreciate donations of absolutely any value so don't feel like you have to pull out your last 10 and wack it on our desk.

Note : CPC Zone is not affiliated with Amstrad Plc and is a non-profit website in that we do not sell any merchandise, emulator CDs or classic games (that would be illegal for a start). For more information read our disclaimer.